Norah Hoffmann


Norah is a German-American actress, who grew up in Seattle (USA), Zurich (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany). After graduation Norah moved to Berlin and now resides in New York City. 

Norah has been working as an actress since childhood. She was able to start her professional career in the musical production  “A Christmas Carol” at the theater ICM-Munich. During this time, Norah also won various awards at the federal music competition “Jungend musiziert” in the categories Classical Voice, Musical, and Pop-Voice. After graduating from high school Norah moved to Berlin to study both Acting and Physics.

During her studies Norah was part of multiple musical and film productions. Credits go to musical productions like “Feetback”  and “Perfect Town” at the theater “Kupferhaus Munich” and film productions like “Silhouette”, “MyHostel” and “Alleingelassen”. After moving to New York City, Norah continued her work as an actress in various film productions including her leading role in the award winning short “Cookie Heart”.